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The Micro & Mighty

Micro & Mighty is a rallying cry for nonprofit startups, very small biz teams, solopreneurs, coaches, and mobile service pros who need a business-ready website and the technical guidance to make informed business decisions. If you ever wished for a marketing & tech team supporting your business (and the ability to afford that help) –  
Micro & Mighty Websites is for you.

Working With You As You Grow

M&M websites feature semi-custom designs so that we can get you up and running fast. Where  DIY website builders will eventually leave you all alone, our team will always be there for you to help keep your site fresh and secure. Lean on us, we’re here for your success.

Micro & Mighty Websites is a drlisadotco, LLC brand. drlisadotco, founded in 2008, offers marketing and business technology strategy consulting to very small businesses and nonprofit startups, under the leadership of Dr. Lisa Richardson.

Our mission is simple: help very small businesses and nonprofits build and achieve success on their own terms. You do enough on your own. Let us help you thrive online.

Solopreneur, at-home, family-run, and mobile businesses and community organizations thriving and competing successfully with big corporate brands – everywhere.

Don't worry about site security or system updates, that's all included!

We're obsessed with your security and success.

One of the most common causes of website hacks is simple neglect. Your web developer builds you a website, hands you the keys, and that’s it. No one checks for updates or makes sure the perimeter is secure. That’s why we stick with you for the long haul – you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Experience & Reliability

We know that being independent can be a bit lonely. We also know how scary it can be to run into issues you don’t know how to fix.

Our Clients say they’ve never felt as safe and confident in their online business operations as when we step in to help.

White-Glove Experience

SINCE 2008

You don’t have to commission a big-budget project to get premium service. We’re local to Atlanta and you can even come over for tea (by appointment – after the pandemic is over). 😆

Solo. Mobile. PopUp. Home-Based.

We get you.

When your storefront or program is completely online or remote, you have different needs than a business or nonprofit with a physical location. Search Engine Optimization, content, social media, event promotion –  your marketing needs to be on-point all the time.

Your M&M website comes with tech strategy and design consultation hours so you can bounce ideas off our experts and leave all the hassles of managing your website to us.

Want to talk to a human before you sign up?

Book a free, no-obligation marketing & tech strategy call with our own Dr. Lisa to talk about your needs and see how we can help!