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Why are Websites as a Service a Great Opportunity for Nonprofits & Small Business?

You’re probably wondering what websites as a service (or WaaS) even means. Here’s an extremely simple way to look at it: think of it as renting your website from an extremely accommodating landlord.

What is a Website as a Service?

Remember when you had to buy a whole new software package when your version became out of date? No? If not, you can thank the Software as a Service movement for that.

Instead of buying the same software (like Microsoft Office, for example) over and over, you pay for a subscription that ensures you get all the updates automatically. You have the security of knowing that your system is always covered – at least as long as you have an active subscription. Plus, the price is a whole lot lower if you’re paying month-to-month.

Websites as a Service works the same way. You pay a much lower fee upfront to launch your website project. Then, instead of getting it handed over so you can fend for yourself – you get ongoing support for the life of your subscription. You get a professional design for your business or organization, and a team to answer your questions or make changes for you when you need them.

What’s the difference between websites as a service and a “regular” website project?

Besides the lower cost, which is definitely a strong selling point, many small business owners and nonprofit leaders aren’t really sure of their online business needs. They know they need a website, but don’t understand how important a website is to their daily operations.

When a website is planned from a pure design perspective without considering its role as the foundation of your online business processes – you end up with art without function.

But remember, your website isn’t art. It’s a business tool.

Nonprofit organizations and small businesses both need leads to grow and function. Whether you run on sales or donations, you need to convert your website visitors into leads. Then you need those leads to become customers. That means art isn’t going to cut it. You don’t just want them to look around and leave – you want them to take action.

Subscribing to your website rather than just having it delivered like a package means you get a team on your side that understands the business focus of your online real estate. Investing in a website as a service also ensures that you’re not stuck making critical technology decisions alone.

So why are websites as a service great for a nonprofit or small business?

When most nonprofit and business teams come together, they usually don’t have a tech expert on the team unless the main product or service is specifically tech-related. And even then, IT and software development require different skills – albeit similar – than marketing and business technology strategy.

Websites as a service are a great option for nonprofits and small businesses because they come with support and tech tools built-in. For example, Micro & Mighty Websites include tools like appointment scheduling and CRM (customer relationship management) software. In most cases, with a traditional site build or DIY services like Wix or Squarespace – you have to pay extra or purchase a whole other subscription to get them.

The monthly tech strategy consulting hours that you get with an M&M site are unique to us, but most WaaS providers are happy to answer any specific questions you may have via their technical support systems.

WaaS subscriptions are ultimately a really solid way to get an attractive and affordable website with the power and support you need to grow your organization or business.